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Customizing YOUR Investment Philosophy and Strategy

While it may seem easy and self evident to create an investment philosophy before determining a strategy and specific investments; in practice this vital action step is often overlooked or poorly executed.

No two investors are alike, and for any given sceneario there may be several viable options that are appropriate even if they come from different philosophical directions.

What is most important to the long term success of investing os for each investor to determine what they are most comfortable with themselves in terms of strategy and the type of risk they are willing to take.

Often times Investment Policy Statements are created for individual investors are generic and boiler plate.

Barnhart Investment Advisory will work with you to create a specific investment policy statement and strategy for EACH account under management.

Depending on your unique philosophy and strategy BIA my utilize no-load mutual funds and/or ETF’s from widely recogninzded companies such as Pimco, Vanguard, iShares. In addition funds and ETF’s may be utilized from smaller but highly repsected companies and boutique firms that are not as widely recoginized to the general investing public.

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