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After a thorough review of client's existing holdings, objectives and time horizons BIA will develop
a customized investment plan and strategy that incorporates BIA philosophy and outlook with
your objectives and needs.  Client assets will be held with a qualified custodian (BIA does not
take custody of client assets).

BIA will then manage your accounts on a discretionary basis in accordance with your plan. You
will receive quarterly performance reports from BIA, and have meeting and conference calls
arragned as appropriate.

Fees for Portfolio and Investment Management serves are based on assets under management
BIA Core Wealth Allocation                0.75% (annually)
BIA Custom Allocation                        0.75% (annually)
BIA Global Strategy                           1.25%  (annually)
One Time Strategic Review and Analysis
Portfolio and Investment Management
BIA will produce and present a written analysis and action plan that discusses whatever issues
you and/or BIA deem appropriate to your situation.  You are then free to utilize this report and
choose to implement (or not) action plan as you see fit with your existing brokerage, IRA, 401(k)
or other accounts.

Analysis may include (but is not limited to) discussions of:
  • Fees and expenses you are currently paying (and may not be aware of)
  • BIA opinions on your existing investments
  • Specific Investment recommendations for you to implement on your own
  • Retirement  and other financial planning issue
  • Tax efficiency and tax minimization strategies
  • How the current economic and political climate may effect your  future investments

Fees for BIA One Time Strategic Review and Analysis are based on an estimated hours to
complete and are set and agreed upon in advance by client and BIA.   The minimum fee for this
service is $250.
On Going Portfolio and Investment Consulting
Based on a review of client account statements (or other arrangement) BIA will provide monthly
Client will also have access to changes in the BIA core wealth preservation portfolio models, as
well as receive reports on specific investment themes and ideas.

Under the consulting arrangement BIA will provide advice and recommendations, but at all times it
is the client's responsibility to implement (or not) or otherwise act on the advice provided as the
client deems appropriate.

BIA will also provide and present an annual strategic review and analysis as well as provide
ongoing phone and meeting access as appropriate.

Fees for BIA Ongoing Portfolio and Investment Consulting Services are based on estimated
hours to complete and are set and agreed upon in advance by client and BIA.
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